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Why does Notice exist?

It all started with frustration.

Back at his old company, Quentin came across a very annoying issue. Publishing all kinds of different content was very difficult. It wasn’t the writing that was hard - it was the management of several different tools.

An FAQ needed a new tool. A blog, another. Documentation? Aaaand there’s another tool for that. Never mind if you want to translate it, or use AI. Each of these tools had its own silo of information, plus its own subscription, which quickly added up to the hundreds.

And while this is annoying for some, it’s a wall for others. Small businesses that bear the cost of these expenses directly impact their profitability. On the other hand, if they choose not to invest, it can also harm the quality and success of their own product, ultimately affecting their bottom line.

That's why we’re building a revolutionary content block system for the web, designed to be accessible and usable by everyone.

What's a no-code platform?

No code means that you don't need to know how to code to benefit from all the superpowers of Notice.

The search bar, the collaboration, the insights, the SEO optimization, everything is done under the hood automatically for you - you just need to write your content, and we make it smart.

What's Notice?

And so, you can think of Notice as the one place to write, manage, and publish all of your web content.

First, it’s great to write in. You have a super straightforward editor - kinda like Notion’s - with a super versatile structure for blocks. You can create whatever content structure you want. Plus, you’ve got AI tools like GPT and DALL-E to assist you at all times right inside Notice.

It’s also great to manage content. You can add all your content inside Notice - think FAQs, blog, documentation, job board, wiki, terms, and more. Plus, you have the flexibility to add or remove collaborators as needed. So instead of juggling multiple tools, you have everything consolidated into one platform. It's pretty neat, isn't it?

And lastly, the publishing. It’s more flexible than a pro yoga athlete. You can publish any content you want and easily share it using various methods like a link, a QR code, no-code tools, or even a coding framework. The best part? You're not limited to standalone subdomains. You can seamlessly integrate your Notice blog within your main domain by coding your website accordingly. This simplicity benefits the user, search engines, and of course, you.

What can you do with Notice?

You can create content - lots of content.

You can easily organize all your content within Notice, whether it's FAQs, blog posts, documentation, wiki pages, terms, and more. Plus, you have the flexibility to add or remove collaborators as needed. Perhaps you want to publish an internal wiki or build your knowledge base? You got it.

Or maybe you simply want to publish standalone content quickly? With Notice, you can create a page and easily share it via a link. Take a look at what our users are creating with Notice here.

🖊 All-in-one no-code editor

🌍 Auto translation in 100+ languages

🤖 Create with Notice AI assistant

🚀 Deploy everywhere in one click

💡 Get valuable insights with the analytics dashboard

📄 Go fast with our templates

🧑‍🍳 Open API for maximum flexibility

If it’s about content, Notice can do it. And that means you can do it.

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