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Blocks are the core πŸ’› of Notice. They power everything we do! This article goes over both the high-level vision and the intricacy of what blocks are.

You don't have to understand our system to use it at all. Using Notice is like playing with LEGOs, but on the web.

What's the Block Management System (BMS)?

The BMS comes with two main pieces: projects and blocks.

Blocks have three main characteristics:

Therefore, you can think of a project as a tree 🌳 and the blocks as the branches.

Since blocks can contain other blocks, they can be synchronized across different projects, making content normalization super easy.

And when it comes to internalization, each block contains its own translation, meaning translations are done block by block.

If you're into the technical details, you should also know that blocks:

What is a "Block Level Project"?

A block-level project is a soft concept. It’s a block that can be standalone and that can be considered at the top of a block tree. Any block can be standalone, be it a paragraph, an FAQ, full documentation, an article, or just an image.

The level of granularity of the blocks is up to you.

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