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This is both the most common and the default block in Notice. You can apply all the inline styles found in the inline toolbar.

Right now the safest way to paste content from outside is to paste it in a paragraph block.


Notice has three types of headings:

These blocks assist you in organizing your content by creating titles and sub-titles.

In the published version, headings can serve as anchors when you need to share a link to a particular location within your project.

If the anchor menu is activated in your project customization, the headings will be automatically included in the anchor menu.



There are two types of lists: bulleted and numbered lists. You can utilize these blocks to create multiple lists of items. Both types of lists support multiple levels of nesting.


Lists can be a little buggy when copied and pasted, so try to use them broadly while we're stabilizing them.


Create a checklist of items that can be checked or unchecked. Please note that the checking functionality is only available on the editor side and cannot be dynamically checked in the published version. For example, this block can be used to indicate the completion of steps in a roadmap.


Do product Hunt
Appsumo launch
Reach 10M of users :D


Code blocks allow you to display a portion of your code. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred style and apply syntax highlighting based on the selected language from two dropdown menus.


published version:

function example = const (name: string) => {
  console.log(`Hello ${name}`)

Editor version:

The code block feature is designed to display code snippets rather than processing the code within it. If you wish to process HTML code, you should utilize the HTML block instead. The code block is specifically intended for displaying code segments.


This block allows you to add contextual hints or tips within your pages or documents. It is designed to provide additional information or guidance to readers without cluttering the main content.

Multiple hints are used in this documentation.

You can use different kinds of hints. (see below)




Utilize the Quote block to create a text quote. If you wish to insert a line break within the quote without exiting the block, you can achieve this by using Shift+Enter.


You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.


A simple block that is primarily used to divide your content.

All of the gray lines on this page that separate block definitions are divider blocks.

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